Till Death Do Us Part

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Method 1 (Professional)

You will need no weapons for this method. Keep going straight on the pier and around the shed. There will be a drunken guest making his way to the it. Simply wait for him to sit down and sleep. WHen he does, take his clothes and the party invitation and make your way to the villa. Enter the main door, go around the door and enter the opposit door and you should be in the hall with the piano. Go through the door on your right which leads to outside. Jump through the second window If the groom is not in the room. Otherwise wait for him to leave the room. When you are in, inject Syringe Poison in the cake. Now go back in entrance and enter the door on your right which leads to the washroom. Pick the lock on the door which should be on the left side of the room. WHen the guard's back is facing you, sedate him by using Syringe Sedative. Take his clothes and drag the body in the small room where the he was moving. Drag his body from different places to make way for the door to shut. When you're ready head north outside. On your left should be a restricted area for guards. Enter it and go out on the other side. There should be Pappy either near the grave or feeding the fish. In both cases, push him over. Go retrieve your suit and escape by your boat.

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