Raymond Kulinsky

Raymond Kulinksy is one of the trio assassins featured in the mission The Murder of Crows in the game Hitman: Blood Money. Kulinsky was an Olympics qualified athlete but was taken out of the competition due to a knee injury. Because of his athletic skills, he became a viable contract killer and became an adept Hitman. He was assigned by Mark Purayah II to assassinate the Secretary of Interior.

Kulinksy became very unstable due to his injuries and frustrations that he would kill anyone who would enter his room. Kulinsky entered a romantic relationship with fellow contract killer, Angelina Mason. Kulinksy is killed by Agent 47 in the attic of one of the club's. He is equipped with a KAZO TRG sniper rifle, walky talky and a pistol.

[edit] References

Raymond Kulinsky's name is believed to be a play on Richard Kuklinski, an infamous contract killer.

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