Mysteries in Hitman: Blood Money

Throughout the game, players have stumbled across mysteries which where unable to be explained. This gave birth to multiple rumours which stated that Hitman games hold a complex storyline, such as one game taking place in between missions of another.

[edit] Mysterious Policeman

After the mission Curtains Down, a cut scene comes up showing a policeman's hand cocking a pistol. Who this policeman is and what happens afterwards the game does not tell us. What we do know is that Agent 47 is not suffering from any bullet wound and is obviously still alive in the next mission. It is largely agreed however that Hitman: Contracts follows this scene as in Contracts 47 is recovering from a gun shot wound in Paris, on the last mission of Hitman: Contracts (Hunter and Hunted) there are two additional targets who have already been completed, these are the two targets from Curtains Down.

[edit] Secret Assassins

Not much is known about these assassins or who sent them. What we do know is that they want you dead one way or another. They appear in the two missions listed below.

In the mission You Better Watch Out, look at the 1st floor map and notice the two square rooms in the north eastern corner. Below the higher one are two civilians, the female assassin and another guy. If you go near them the guy will go and the assassin will invite you to follow her. When you enter her room, a small cut scene would appear. Now, on the map, she is marked as another target. Right after the cut scene she will kill you. To kill her, you must quickly knock her out and then inject her with a syringe poison or shoot her. Also, notice the knocked out female lying behind the couch. It is not known what this means or why was it done.

In the mission A Dance with The Devil, the singer in the top floor is the assassin. When she stops singing go near her and she will invite you to follow her. If you do so, she'll take you in a large room and try to kill you with a stiletto. It's easy to kill her if you have a firearm but be very careful if you don't. When she's attacking you, she'll be marked as a target on the map.

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