Murder of the Crows

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Murder of the Crows: 47 gets ready to snipe the target
[edit] Method 1 (Silent Assassin)

Welcome to Mardis Gras, 47. No firearms are needed for this mission. When the mission starts, in front of you should be a guy dressed as a red bird carrying the diamonds briefcase. He will talk to another guy then walks out the building. Keep following him until he stops near the bin in the back alley. Quickly, sedate him with the syringe, take his clothes and dispose of him in the bin. Now you need to enter the salsa bar. Go round the back and wait until the cook inside is alone (the waiter will go out the back entrance). Enter the back entrance and go up the stairs. Pause you map and wait until Raymond Kulinski (your first target) has his back facing the door. When he is, go in and fiber wire him. No go down and into the streets again. Now pause your map and notice the area with the two points of interests - go there. There is a piano suspended in mid-air by a winch. You need to destroy the winch when Angelina Mason is under it. On the east side of this area should be a sort of cage. Climb up onto it, up the other boxes, across the ledge, up the stairs, jump across the balcony and near the winch. Place the bomb there and get back down. Get to a safe spot, and wait for Angelina Mason to come under the piano, when she does detonate the bomb. Now go north and through the double doors where the yellow bird guard is. (NOTE: The combination of your costume and briefcase is giving you the access - if you are lacking one of them you cannot go in.) Go up the stairs and sedate the yellow bird guard on top of it with your syringe. Now enter the room where Mark Purayah II is. Simply go behind him and fiber wire him. Now all you have to the is exit the location and don't forget the diamonds briefcase.

[edit] Method 2 (Silent Assassin)

Recommended Weapons: Some silenced gun, either silverballers, the silenced SP.40 or your SMG will work. The long range detanator couldn't hurt either.

Ooh, pretty lights. Anyway, ignore the diamond suitcase man, and head across the street into the back alley. Enter the blues bar through the back door. Then enter the kitchen. Don't let the cook see you. He's all alone in here, just begging to be relieved of his clothes. Either sedate him, or human shield KO him. Then take his clothes, his kitchen knife (because kitchen knives are badass) then stuff him in the freezer and close the door. Go through the back door in the kitchen, and up the stairs. Wait until the lovebirds are out of sight before picking the lock and taking out your gun(s). Enter the room carefully. If Raymond is in here, then blast his brains out. If not, then it's time to go searching through the other bars. Hit the salsa bar next, making sure no one sees you pick the lock, then the rock bar. He'll be on the top floor in one of them. Once you find him, blow his brains out (silently of course). Bonus points if you kill him by throwing the kitchen knife at him. Once you kill him, take his lovely bird suit, his loud as hell Desert Eagle and his walkie talkie. IMPORTANT: While you are dressed as Raymond, make sure his girlfriend (Angelina) doesn't see you, or she'll open fire immediately. And follow you. She crazy. Now, go to the building in the northwest corner of the map. Enter it. If the delivery bird has come and gone, wait for the bird guard outside the room to turn his back to you (and the door to close) before sedating him. If he hasn't, wait for him to come and go, then do what I said. You have a very small window of opportunity to catch him unawares however, so you'll have you be quick. Once he's out of the picture, drag his body to the side of the door, so that Marky Mark can't see it when you open the door. Next, steal the bird guard's suit. Then enter Mark's chamber. Get behind his chair. Wait for him to sit down, and then you get your choice of eliminations. Either blow his brains out with the silenced gun, fiber wire him or poison syringe him. Either way, his body can stay here. Take the diamonds briefcase, and leave. Finally, it's time to get Angelina. Wait in the eastern courtyard for her (that's the one with four entrances). Stay behind her the whole time. When she begins to speak into the walkie talkie, use her as a human shield. Drag her wherever you wish (somewhere isolated please) before knocking her out and finishing the job (poison syringe or silenced pistols). Take her pistol because it's silenced and silenced pistols rock. Now, back to the blues bar. Go in through the back door again, and check your map before you go into the kitchen. If the waiter is in there, wait for him to leave before retrieving your suit and leaving the level. Congrats on killing three targets, and getting a suitcase full o' diamonds. Buy yerself somethin' pretty.

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