Mike Whittier

Mike Whittier is a British Interpol agent in the Hitman film and is played by Dougray Scott. He is determined to bring Agent 47 to justice after a series of assassinations and after the double of Russian president Mikhail Belicoff is killed during the early stages of the film, Whittier is quickly on the case. He was nearly killed by 47 himself after he was shot by him in the train station. He survived, however was kicked off the investigation by Yuri Marklov who is in charge of the investigation. Whittier decides to bug Marklov's office and continues to find 47 on his own. In the end Whitter catches up with 47 who has killed the real Mikhail Belicoff and succeeds in capturing him. However, Whittier's convoy is halted by Agent Smith who's working for the CIA and has stuck a deal with Agent 47. During the distraction caused by Agent Smith's actions, 47 escapes.

Whittier comes into contact with 47 again. This time 3 months later where 47 lies in wait at his house. He shows Whittier the body of a German arms dealer, who 47 killed earlier in the film, which is shaved to look like 47 himself. Whittier agrees to say the body is that of 47 and with that 47 leaves and comments that he hopes they do not meet again.

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