Mark Purayah II

Mark Purayah or Mark II is the leader of the Crows faction of the Franchise. He is the second albino clone superseding Mark I and being superseded by his co-leader of the Crows, Mark Parchezzi III. Mark II overseers an assassination attempt against the Secretary of Interior during a Mardi Gra festival in the mission The Murder of Crows in the game Hitman: Blood Money. He is joined by contract killers Angelina Mason and [[Raymond Kulinsky], who are in a romantic relationship with each other.

Purayah hides in a building beside a bookstore. The building is protected by goons in yellow crow costumes. Purayah along with his hitmen are clothed in black crow suits. He is equipped with a Deagle, walky talky and SG 552.

The man in the red bird suit in the beginning of the level is instructed to meet with Purayah and make a deal. Agent 47 is instructed to retrieve the diamond briefcase from the man in the red bird suit to earn a bonus.

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