List of easter eggs in Hitman: Blood Money

This article contains a list of the Easter Eggs in the game Hitman: Blood Money. During the course of the game there are several bits of hidden content which players can see by following a certain method.


[edit] Death of a Showman

[edit] Murder at the Funfair

Continue through the level until you reach the theatre. Do not kill the guard in here, but merely watch him. He will eventually chuck gasoline on the man on the ride, and set him on fire.

[edit] Curtains Down

[edit] Rat Club

The rat club (Thanks to "")
Go down into the basement, and into the room far west. There should be three rats running on the floor. Get out a weapon and kill them. Now, a keycard (called KEYCARD RATCLUB in the game) should appear on the table - take it. Now go through the other door, up the stairs and through the changing rooms. Now continue south along the corridor. You must enter the first door labelled, 'EXIT' (the green sign above the door) on your right. Go in and up the stairs. Continue along the short corridor and use the keycard on the first door on your left. Inside this room you can find rats boxing and playing with cards. If you use the prop WWII pistol you can still Kill the mice!!!

[edit] A New Life

[edit] FBI Mexican Wave

At the start of the mission, acquire an FBI suit from the two FBI agents in the Van, run into the basement and steal the lighter fluid, make your way into the back garden and wait for the pool boy to enter to shed, follow him in and knock him out/kill him quietly, then take his clothes and the lighter fluid in the shed. Walk up to the wife of the target to activate he 'follow me' cutscene and follow her to her room, wait for her to go to sleep and take the necklace. Run back down to the garden and use BOTH lighter fluids on the barbecue and wait for the wife to use it, enjoy the show.

[edit] Murder of the Crows

[edit] Dancing 47

In each of the three clubs, there is a dance floor. If you position yourself on the dance floor and leave Agent 47 idle for a minute-or-so, he will start to dance (this also works on the dance floor on Till Death Do Us Part).

[edit] You Better Watch Out

[edit] Get Hit

There is a woman kissing a man outside a room (in the pink corridor that can be reached via the waterfall in the lounge area, near the photographer). Interrupt them and follow the girl into her room. Stand still and a cut-scene will trigger, in which the women kills you. It is possible to kill the woman first, if you turn around before she stabs you. Looking behind the couch reveals that the female assassin has killed another woman working at the mansion and took her place. You need to get her out of the room and call the guards. Wait the guard bring her back from the "sleep", and she will fall again, call the guard again. If him don't kill her, wait she fall again and call the guard for a last time, he will kill the girl.

[edit] Death on the Mississippi

[edit] Zombie Ship

When you start out run to the left and up the stairs on the right. You should see a sailor guard come out of the left door - kill him. Drag the body into the room he came from and dispose of his by throwing him over the right rail. Now get back to the starting point. You should now see a sailor guard followed by one of the Gator Gang members. Go behind him, get out a firearm and use him as a human shield. If the other sailor guard sees you, simply kill or ignore him. Now drag the Gator guy up the stairs and into the room where you disposed of the other body but instead throw him over the left rail. Everyone on the ship will now be a zombie. They will try to kill you wherever you go so you better have some weapons on you.

[edit] Smarch

At the end of the mission, the paper is dated "Smarch", a reference to The Simpsons.

[edit] Danish Weather Report

If you look at the television in the room just before the captains quarters you will see a weather report from Denmark on the screen.

[edit] Till Death Do Us Part

[edit] Kill the Alligators

At the start of the level there are a few rednecks standing on the jetty, firing at the water. If you look close enough you can see a few alligators swimming in the swamps. Grab the nearby shotgun (or any weapon you brought along with you) and you can fire at, and kill, the alligators. If you leave it too long though, the rednecks will kill the alligators first.

[edit] Silver Coin

In front of the mansion (far left; near the water) is a very small, silvery disc shaped object which looks a bit like a coin. Get out a firearm and shoot it. When this is done, four men in their boxers will come and give you an applause.

[edit] Cheering Rednecks

Go to the place where rednecks are shooting alligators. There are some bottles on a tree stump. If you shoot them, the rednecks start cheering.

[edit] Hillbilly Fightclub

To the left of the dance floor, you will see a small crowd gathering around a pair of fist-fighting hicks. Providing that you stick to using just your melee attack, you can actually fight the both of them without causing yourself any trouble with the guards. Both will require 2-3 melee attacks to knock-out. Once they come around, they will draw their guns on you (or point you out to a guard if you took their guns).

[edit] Jealous Rednecks

Get a party invitation from the drunk who falls asleep in the burned out house, but don't take his clothes. Enter the house and go through to the guest area. People will start saying things like, "trying to show up the groom?", and "Jeez man, it's a wedding, not a funeral!"

[edit] A House of Cards

[edit] FCK Easter Egg

There is a television in your room (701). Look closely and it says "FCK" on it. The same name was in a level of Hitman: Silent Assassin. "FCK" could be a reference to a football team from Copenhagen, Denmark that goes by the same name. In Hitman: Silent Assassin it was also possible to find newspapers with the headline; "FCK Danish Champions 2001 - FC København beats Bundby". Bundby is actually a town called Brøndby, the wrong name is simply a joke from the developers. "Bundby" translates to "Bottom City" while "Brøndby" means "Well City".

[edit] Strip Poker

Shuffle over from the 7th floor balcony to the balcony of room #705. If you're careful, you can sneak up to the window and watch a showgirl playing strip poker with two guys. They guys are losing and are down to their underwear, the showgirl, however, is winning and is still dressed.

[edit] A Dance with The Devil

[edit] Giant sharks

Go to the Hell party, and to the place where the girl you have to kill performs her pyro show. Start shooting people and guards will come. Kill loads of them, until you've cleared the level. Then, start chucking ALL the bodies into the shark pool! The more the sharks eat, the bigger they get! Some get so fat they look like whales!

[edit] Get Hit [2]

In the Heaven Party, there is a girl who frequently sings on stage stand beside her until she beckons you to follow. Follow her into a back room and a cut-scene will play in which she sticks multiple stilettos into you. Ouch. NOTE: Not really an easter egg; this girl is one of the two assassins on this level hired to kill you. She becomes a target once you activate the laptop in the room she leads you to.

[edit] Amendment XXV

[edit] River Dance

Take the case that's in possession of the, 'Tourist Lady' near the coach (she'll go behind the coach and put the case down in order to have a smoke). Take the case and carry on until you reach the floor where the Vice President usually hangs-out (you'll need to be dressed as a Marine to reach it safely). On that floor is a fireplace. Take the case and throw it at the fireplace wall three times. The Marines on that floor will all form a dance-line.

Newspaper Easter egg, play the missions before this one and don't be a silent assassin .. make a chaos and kill many people so when you did all of this ... play this mission and when you're gonna finish it look at the guy which is sitting on a chair .. there will be newspapers filled with pictures of you of what you did in the last missions.

[edit] Requiem

[edit] Shed Tools

Go to the shed marked as a ! (point of interest) on your map. Inside, you can find some tools which normally aren't classified as weapons. These are a shovel, a screwdriver, a hedge cutter, a hammer and a kitchen knife.

[edit] Miscellaneous

[edit] License Plates

All through the game there are random things written on the license plates of cars, such as IO Interactive, Bad Blod (Blod means Blood in Danish), M666, and 1LMN3Y.

[edit] Newspaper Articles

Following the mission "A Vintage Year" the pie chart entitled Elección presidencial Americana includes senator N. F. Chance. Senator 'no f**king chance' at 6% on the poll.

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