Hendrik Schmutz

Hendrik Schmutz is a white supremacist from South Africa who is featured in the mission A House of Cards in the game Hitman: Blood Money.

[edit] Fictional Biography

Schumtz is an Afrikaner from South Africa. He is believed to be a white supremacist. In the mission A House of Cards, Schmutz meets with a Saudi Arabian Sheikh, Mohammad Bin Faisal Al-Khalifa. In exchange, Al-Khalifa will offer Schmutz a briefcase of millions of dollars worth of blood diamonds. The meeting is scheduled to take place in a private box in the restaurant area of the Las Vegas Casino they are staying in. Schmutz and Al-Khalifa haven't seen each other prior to their trade off, so should someone else take Schumtz's clothes and briefcase, the Sheikh wouldn't know. The two illegal smugglers are joined by Al-Khalifa's scientist, Tareeq Abdul Lateef. Lateef is assigned to verify the contents of Schumtz's samples.

Schumtz is assassinated by Agent 47 before meeting up with the Sheikh in the mission A House of Cards.

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