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Flatline: 47 preparing his silenced pistol for a kill
[edit] Method 1 (Silent Assassin)

No weapons needed. When you start, walk along the pathway until you come across a patient trying to hide from a police behind a skip. When the police leaves, sedate the patient, take his clothes and dispose of him. Continue along the pathway and take the administration paper which can be found on a bench behind another patient. Now enter the main building.

(This part is optional) Find the stairs that leads to the 2nd floor and go up. Now go to the room where the point of interest (!) is. Place a bomb in the right corner. Now bring up the map and go to the room in the upper left corner. If there is no one in it walk up to the gas tank and sabotage the gas. Now return to the room where you planted the bomb. Look in the room below and wait for the guy to go near the globe. When he does, stand outside the room and detonate the bomb. Go downstairs and bring up the map once more. Go to the large square room (the gym) on the right. Wait for the guy to come training some weights and stand behind him. When he finishes, simply drop the weight on his neck.

Exit the building and go on the other side by climbing the drainpipe (far west), going across the roof and going down the drainpipe on the other side. Wait for the police to be alone in the room (next to the utility box) and break the utility box. Now go hide behind the garbage skip and wait for the police to come fix the utility box. When he does sneak in his office and steal the video tape and the keycard. Or if you have assassinated the optional targets in the order they are in this guide, wait for the gas to explode and when everyone runs out of the room take the keycard and steal the tape. Now use the keycard to go through the two gates. Wait until one orderly leaves the room. When he does, climb in through the window, sedate the remaining one, take his clothes and dispose him in the container. Take the cell key and head through the door and down the stairs where the cells are found. Find the cell where the agent is and go talk to him. When the cutscene ends, sedate him and head outside where you sedated that patient and change to your clothes. Wait for the orderly to put the VIP in the morgue and leave. Enter the morgue (close the door behind you), revive the agent and exit.

[edit] Method 2 (Silent Assassin)

Weapons: None.

Time for 47's excercise again. Run all the way up to a winding path, until you come across a man smoking a cigarette on the left. You can push him off without discovery, and it will count as an accident if your feeling particularly bloodthirsty. Either way, take the admission papers off the bench. Now run up to the front entrance of the main building. Take notice of the side camera views of both the guy drinking and the guy lifting weights. Once you're inside, place the admission papers on the desk, and go into the room on the side and change. If you brought something that a metal detector would pick up, drop it here. Don't worry no one will pick it up. Stop for the metal detector. Don't you want clothes like that guy? Of course you do. Once the scan is complete, go through the doors, and take a left. Go through the set of doors at the end of the dining room. Make sure that the guard in the bathrobe (who wears a bathrobe to work?) doesn't see you and enter the second door on the right. There will be a guard sitting at the desk doing...something. Sedate him. IMMEDIATELY drag him outside. Close the door behind you, take his clothes and toss him in the dumpster. There'll be a weapons chest full of SL .40's and Stun Guns. Take 'em all. Because it never hurts to have a little extra firepower. Oh, and the Stun Gun is like an unlimited tranquiliser. Shame you can't take it off this level. Take the keycard from the desk and the videotape from the machine. Go through the door behind the desk (the keycard one) and go all the way down the hallway until you get to the medical wing. Crouch to the side of the window. Now consult your map, and wait until there is only one orderly in the room. If there's only one when you get there, wait until the second one comes back, and leaves again just to be safe. Now climb through the window, and either sedate or stun gun the other orderly. I would recommed stun gunning, simply because the body flops amusingly. Take his sexy white coveralls before disposing of his body in the nearby hopper. Take the Cell Key off the desk he was sitting at and go downstairs. Now, search until you find the cell with a redhead sitting on a bed. That's our CIA Agent. After a laughable cutscene (Psychotropics *5 minute pause* sedating me...) MAKE SURE NO ONE IS WATCHING and inject him with the fake death serum (press the action button near him). Diana will then inform you of your targets. Yay. Return back to the dining room, and this time go to the other end of the room (to the right of where you entered). Enter the set of doors and head to the end of the corridor and into the gym. Don't do anything completely stupid (perhaps position yourself behind the barbell) until your target walks in. He'll start to pump iron. Get behind him and wait until you're not being watched before following the action prompt to drop the weight on his throat. Technically the mission is over, but 5 more minutes = 100K more money. So let's kill some mobsters. Go back to where you first entered (by the scan point) and enter the room straight ahead (the one with the wooden globe). Open the globe. MAKE SURE NO ONE IS WATCHING and poison syringe the booze in it. Close the globe and run off. Return to where you dumped the security guard (sorry buddy). There should be a drainpipe close by. BEFORE YOU CLIMB ALL THE WAY UP check and see that there is no one on the balcony straight ahead, as sometimes bodyguards will hang out there. Now go onto the roof, and the balcony on the left. Open the door, and you will see one of two things.

1.) A man making something in a stove. He seems to be completely oblivious to your presence, so teach him that it's not all right to talk with strangers who walk in your window and kill him silently.

2.) An empty room. No problem. Find the gas stove and use the action prompt to sabotage it. Next time he cooks it, he be dead.

Now, go back through the scan point, and into the room where you changed. If you dropped anything, pick it back up and exit. Now go all the way back down, and into the house like building on the left. MAKE SURE NO ONE SEES YOU ENTER OR IS IN THERE. Find the agent's body, and follow the action prompt to revive him. Leave through the exit in this building. Don't worry about the agent, he's fine on his own. You've done it again. Silent Assassin.

Flatline: 47 chooses a non-stealthy way to execute his kill

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