Diana Burnwood

Diana Burnwood
Diana Burnwood.jpg
Diana Burnwood (left) with Agent 47.
NameDiana Burnwood
OccupationI.C.A Mission Briefer
First AppearanceHitman: Codename 47
Last/Latest AppearanceHitman: Blood Money

Diana Burnwood is a British-born employee of the International Contract Agency who, in the course of the series, is the one who gives Agent 47 his mission briefings, and is never actually seen in person until Hitman: Blood Money, where she is seen from behind and seen from several other views, however her face is never seen at all at any point during the series, although a small portion of it is shown when she is seen putting on a revival lipstick at the final mission of Blood Money, Requiem to wake up 47 from the strong sedatives he was given.

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