Death on the Mississippi

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Death on the Mississippi: 7 kills will take place on this ship
[edit] Method 1 (Silent Assassin)
No weapons needed. When you start out, go on the left side and keep going until you come across a stairs leading to the right. Wait at the bottom of it until a sailor guard comes out of a door and rests on the railings. After a few seconds, he should move on and go in the cabin - follow him. When he stops by the desk, take out the syringe sedative and sedate him. Take his clothes and the engine room key on the desk. Go back out, down the stairs and through the door behind the stairs. By this time one of your targets should have come in right after/before you. Keep following him until he goes inspecting one of the huge pistons of the ship. Quickly push him over before a worker passes by and sees you. Now go back out and to the place where you started. Go up the stairs (either side leads to the same point) and through one of the doors. There should be another two stairs. Go through the door between these and keep going until you see one of your targets kissing a woman. Simple wait until they stop and go in their room. After a while the woman should leave the room leaving the target alone. Be patient and wait for him to leave the room and go outside for some fresh air. There should be another woman in the area too. When she enters the ship, push your target over the rail. Go back through the doors which was positioned between the two stairs. Go up one of the two stairs, across the restaurant to the other side, through the door at the end, through the door leading southwards, across the lounge, through the door at the other side, across the other lounge, through the middle door at the end and finally to the desired point. There should be a stationary sailor guard and another one either moving up and down the corridor or just standing in a room. There should also be a cook in the kitchen. One of your targets should be walking along the path outside, each time he finishes his route, he will come in the kitchen. So there are multiple things you should be aware of. There are two doors leading to the kitchen, one at the end of the corridor and another one nearer to the front. Stand beside the one at the end and wait for your opportunity. Look at the map and wait until the target is standing in the west side facing diagonally north east. Make sure that the sailor guard cannot see you and that the target is still far away from the kitchen. Don't worry about the stationary sailor guard as he isn't facing the door. Move in and inject the last dose of the syringe sedative in the cook. Take his 1st class purser clothes and dispose of him in the box. If you have any weapons at this points throw them behind the table so that the target who comes in won't see them. Now get out your syringe poison and poison the cake on the smaller table. The target should come in the second after. If you have any problems, wait for him to come in and poison the cake after he leaves. Now go outside and along the path until you come across a stairs. Go up, and near the guard (one of your targets) guarding the door. He will search then give you the go ahead to advance. Go through the door, across the large room and through the door at the end. This is the captain's room. Put the cake on the table and go back in the large room. There should be one of your targets drinking some beer. If he isn't there, wait for him. Wait for him to go to the bathroom and when he is peeing, fiber wire him. By now, the captain should have tasted some of that poison and should be lying dead in his room. Go in there and hide in the closet to the left. Wait until one of your targets comes in the room. After inspecting the body, he should stand near the closet, facing south. This is your opportunity, fiber wire him.
Death on the Mississippi: 47 gets ready to fiber wire his target
Now go through the door beside the closet (this should be the captain's bedroom). Right beside the door is a safe - open it and collect the parcel pictures. Pick the lock and open the door in the opposite side which leads outside. Go past the first class purser and south where the other target is. Fiber wire him and drag his body in the bathroom near the other target. Go back outside and down the stairs (either side leads to the same point). The remaining target is patrolling this path (the same one who came in the kitchen earlier). Keep following him - after going in the kitchen, he should walk for some minutes then rest on the railings. Push him over and you're done with the killings. If you dropped any weapons in the kitchen go get them before leaving. Now go to the east side of this path and through the door located at the end. Enter and go down the stairs on the left. Turn right, go north through the door, past the first corridor, go right in the second one (there should be a sofa and a small table there), down the stairs on the south side, through the door, left along the corridor, left again at the end and through the door, down the stairs and along this path until you come across a rescue boat by which you can escape the ship.

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