Death of a Showman

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Death of a Showman is the first mission in the game Hitman: Blood Money. This mission is given as a tutorial level for new players and for old players to test the new controls. A series of tutorial pop ups appear throughout the first few moments of the game.
Joseph "Swing King" Clarence

[edit] Background of the Mission

The son of a wealthy client has been killed in a freak accident in a carnival owned by Joseph Clarence who is also known as the Swing King. The accident was brought forth due to the ignorance of Mr. Clarence for safety precautions of the amusement rides. As compensation, the client has requested Agent 47 to have Mr. Clarence's last sight be the picture of his deceased boy.

The amusement park has been closed down due to the freak accident and has since been used as a drug factory with armed men guarding the facility and barely clothed women producing illegal drugs. Inside the park, Joseph Clarence sits in his office busy with calls as the powerful gangster known only as Scoop resides over the drugs operation on the premises.

[edit] Walkthroughs

As the mission begins, you find Agent 47 outside of the abandoned amusement park. Approach the gates and a guard will meet you. A cut-scene will begin wherein Agent 47 will knock the guard out and will force himself into the area. To your left, there is a door leading into a gift shop like building. As you wander in you'll find two guards talking by the window. You either the choice to approach the guards and take one of the guards' pistol and kill them or you may throw a coin from you inventory to create a diversion. After doing either of the two, you will make your way to the old building up ahead. Inside the building is a man blindfolded and tied up riding a mechanical horse and in front of him is a gangster with a gasoline container in his hand. You must kill the gangster or at least knock him out to prevent him from seeing you. After doing so, the game will tell you to climb up the ledge to your right. You will jump to the balcony and you will find yourself blocked by a locked door. You have two choices, either pick the lock and then shoot the men inside with your pistol or save yourself the time and grab the shotgun behind you and shoot the door lock and the two men. Either way you have to get rid of the two men inside the next room. After so, a chemist will enter the room, you must hide inside the closet for the chemist to enter. As he enters you need to knock him out and take his clothes and keycard. Make your way to the warehouse up ahead and place your weapons inside the carrier to avoid detection of weapons. Up ahead is a guard that checks for weapons, if you have hidden your weapons in the carrier, you wouldn't have any problems if you haven't you have to surrender it to the guards or engage in a gun fight. After that go in to the room and go down the broken down elevator. Equip yourself with fiber wire and strangle the guard that is beneath you. Break the wires to cut of power so that nobody could see you pass by the drug lab.
Newspaper featuring Swing King's murder
Make your way out and you'll find four gangsters playing cards, one is taking a leak so it's your best choice to grab him and take him as a human shield. There's a ladder there, make your way up and go to the circular room. Take the sniper rifle and kill the three men patrolling the area. One is on top of the roof North-West, one is on the ferris wheel North-East and one is walking on the ground. When all guards are settled, make your way down and into the abandoned building straight ahead. Enter the building and you'll find a guard sweet talking Mr. Clarence's secretary. If you can wait, the guard will finish the conversation and stand by the window. You can push him afterwards and kill him. Mr. Clarence would have by now called for the secretary, that you would give you enough time to inject poison into her drink and hide in the closet. Wait for her to die then go out and confront Mr. Clarence and kill him. Exit by the window to your left and pick up the explosives that are prepared by the Agency for you. It will be located in a black container along the hallway. Enter the next open window and plant the bomb to the rope holder. Get out of the window and detonate it. Take out a pistol and enter the room again, clear the room for any survivors, after clean up head out for the Escape door.

[edit] Easter Eggs

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The Devil's Machine Gun
Outside the gift shop, in the trash dumps you will find a sub machine gun with exactly 666 ammo.

Murder at the Funfair
Continue through the level until you reach the theatre. Do not kill the guard in here, but merely watch him. He will eventually chuck gasoline on the man on the ride, and set him on fire.

Bleeding Devil
In the last room (where the exit is located) there is a large red devil. When shot anywhere below the waist, it bleeds.

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