Curtains down

[edit] Method 1 (Silent Assassin)

For this method you will not need any weapons. When you start out head to the reception and talk to the police. He will give you a jacket and 47 will take a pistol, a real WW1 pistol. Now head to the bathroom and wait for the worker to come in. When he does, sedate him with the Syringe Sedative, take his clothes, and dispose of him in the bin. Now go to the other side of the reception and down the stairs. Keep going until you come across a locked door. Simply pick the lock and keep going until you arrive in a corridor with some workers. Keep going and enter the fourth door on your left. EVentually you will come across two doors. Enter the one on your left and go through the one on the other side. Now bring up the map and go in the room with the (!) symbol. Enter the closet and wait for the actor to come in during breaks, it might be some time so be patient. WHen he does come in, he'll go to the toilet, leaving the prop pistol on the dressing table. Get out and exchange the prop pistol with the real one. Now head out of the actor's room and through the double doors on your left. Climb the stairs (be careful not to fall through the gaps) and plant a bomb on the light rack above the stage. Now retreat to a safe distance and go halfway down the stairs. All you have to do is wait. The actor will kill Alvaro D'Alvade with the real pistol and when Richard Delahunt will realize what happened he will go on the stage. Now detonate the bomb. Return the the bathroom and change to your suit and exit the opera.

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