Curtains Down

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Curtains Down is the third mission in the game Hitman: Blood Money.

[edit] Background of the Mission

Agent 47 is sent to Paris to assassinate two targets: Alvaro D'Alvade and Richard Delahunt. D'Alvade is a famous Italian Opera singer who has a bad taste in relationships. D'Alvade is known to be very interested in young people, men and women alike. Delahunt is an American Ambassador to the Vatican who has become an avid fan of D'Alvade. He is said to be "more than a fan, more than a friend". He is also suspected to be involved in a human trafficking crime of young boys and girls. Both men are to be assassinated in a rehearsal of D'Alvade.

[edit] Walkthroughts

Method 1 (Silent Assassin)

For this method you will not need any weapons. When you start out head to the reception and talk to the police. He will give you a jacket and 47 will take a pistol, a real WW1 pistol. Now head to the bathroom and wait for the worker to come in. When he does, sedate him with the Syringe Sedative, take his clothes, and dispose of him in the bin. Now go to the other side of the reception and down the stairs. Keep going until you come across a locked door. Simply pick the lock and keep going until you arrive in a corridor with some workers. Keep going and enter the fourth door on your left. Eventually you will come across two doors. Enter the one on your left and go through the one on the other side. Now bring up the map and go in the room with the (!) symbol. Enter the closet and wait for the actor to come in during breaks, it might be some time so be patient. When he does come in, he'll go to the toilet, leaving the prop pistol on the dressing table. Get out and exchange the prop pistol with the real one. Now head out of the actor's room and through the double doors on your left. Climb the stairs (be careful not to fall through the gaps) and plant a bomb on the light rack above the stage. Now retreat to a safe distance and go halfway down the stairs. All you have to do is wait. The actor will kill Alvaro D'Alvade with the real pistol and when Richard Delahunt will realize what happened he will go on the stage. Now detonate the bomb. Return the the bathroom and change to your suit and exit the opera.
Curtains Down: Who would have known that amongst the tourists was a killer?

Method 2 (Silent Assassin)

Weapons to bring along: W2000 Sniper Rifle with Low Velocity Ammo (or silencer, unlocked after Flatline)

All righty, look at all the pretty lights. Ooh, aah. Now down to buisness. On the far side of the desk, will be an entrance to a restroom. Go to it, and put down the briefcase (that you brought your rifle in) down over by the bin on the far side of the room. Fairly soon, a worker will come in. Wait until the room is vacant, and he is urinating, and sedate him. Drag his body over by the briefcase, and take his clothes. Put him in the bin, and reclaim your suitcase.


Do not do ANYTHING suspicious. A worker with a briefcase is already suspicious.

Now leave the bathroom (ignore the toolbox, we don't need it), and head downstairs. Go all the way to the right, where you'll see someone painting a door. Go through the doorway and all the way down the stairs. Then, take the small set of stairs to the right of the auditorium door (big green light) and turn right. Next, take the second set of doors to your left, and take a left turn. Go through the twisting corridor and up the stairs. Finally, go into the men's locker room on the left. We've made it through the labyrinth and are now backstage. Yay us. Take a right and continue straight until you see a a set of doors on your left. Enter this set of doors. Because 47 clearly needs the excercise, run all the way up the stairs (careful in the dark, there's a couple of places you can fall off and die). now you can go 1 of two ways when you reach the top.

1.) Plant a mine on the far side of the rectangular enclosure. If you use this method, we'll be killing Delahunt when he cries onstage.

2.) Go to the far side of the enclosure, and there should be a door. Open it, and set a mine on the winch. If you use this method, we'll be killing Delahunt when he trips in the aisle.

It really doesn't matter which method you choose here. 1 will be easier to see from your vantage point, and 2 will be cleaner and faster. I usually use two, but it's all up to you. After the bomb is set, complete your excercise and run all the way back down the stairs. Again, excercise caution and don't fall off in the open spots. Now, see that guy in a suit sitting in the chair (if you don't he's in the bathroom)? There should be a bathroom near him. To the left of the bathroom are some stairs. Climb them because now you're so fit. In this corridor, enter the room farthest away from the entrance you just came in. Make sure no one sees you enter. On the far left desk, you'll find a keycard. Liberate it from the desk, and get out of there. Now go aaallll the way back to the lobby. Sorry. :( Now, once your there, go as high as you can get through the stairs. In the middle of this circle, there should be a room that needs a keycard to enter. Whaddya know, we have a keycard! Enter the nice, secluded room. Finally time to unpack your rifle. Unpack it, and look, a nice view of the stage. Here's the tricky part. Your sniper rifle is noisy. Very noisy. Lucky for you, there's a noise that covers it up. Watch the opera very closely, and as the actor recoils from the shot, pop D'Alvade in the head. Repack your rifle quickly, but don't leave the room yet. Take out your detanator. When Delahunt figures out that his manlove isn't faking, he'll become hysterical and run onstage. Unfortunately, he's not the most coordinated fellow, and he'll trip in the middle of the aisle. If you used Method 2, blow the bomb NOW! If not, wait until the side camera shows him crying to the heavens. Then blow the bomb. After Delahunt and D'Alvade are both dead, return to the lobby. Go to the restroom. Make sure it's empty, then change back into your suit. Then leave the opera. Silent Assassin. You're so lucky you have me here.

[edit] Easter Eggs

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Rat Club
Go down into the basement, and into the room far west. There should be three rats running on the floor. Get out a weapon and kill them. Now, a keycard (called KEYCARD RATCLUB in the game) should appear on the table - take it. Now go through the other door, up the stairs and through the changing rooms. Now continue south along the corridor. You must enter the first door labelled, 'EXIT' (the green sign above the door) on your right. Go in and up the stairs. Continue along the short corridor and use the keycard on the first door on your left. Inside this room you can find rats boxing and playing with cards.

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