Agent 47

Agent 47
NameAgent 47
NicknamesMr 47, 47
Date of BirthSeptember 5, 1964
Height6' (1.83 m) (Contracts)
6' 2" (1.88 m) (Absolution)
Weight187 lbs (85 kg)[1]
Eye ColourBlue
Hair ColourDark Blonde
AgencyInternational Contract Agency
Voice ActorDave Bateson

Agent 47 (known as Mr 47, or more simply 47) is a hitman working for the International Contract Agency, who was born on September 5 1964 and spent his life working for them as he is a clone genetically engineered by Dr. Otto Ort-Meyer to be the perfect killer. Dr. Ort-Meyer, a German scientist and ex-serviceman of the French Foreign Legion who ran a mental asylum to cover up the large criminal empire which he ran behind the scenes, created 47 in one of his series of clones, all of which were known as 47 (so called because of their 47th chromosome). The chromosomes in Agent 47's DNA is made up of those of some of the most powerful crime lords in the world, giving him super-human intelligence, strength, stamina and agility, and whilst other clone series' have come close, none have yet matched the standards of 47, and many ended up with very short life-spans.

[edit] Appearance

Agent 47 has a distinctive appearance, starting each mission wearing his trademark black suit, white shirt and red tie. It is often necessary to change 47's appearance throughout the course of each mission, so that he blends into his environment. For example, while performing a hit at a birthday party, 47 might take the disguise of a clown. Due to being a clone, he is completely bald and lacks eyebrows, with a small black barcode tattooed on the back of his head. It is perhaps this unusual tattoo that arouses suspicion from enemy guards when 47 is close to them. Another trademark of 47 is the briefcase which he often carries with him. It is a large black briefcase containing a sniper-rifle, with the logo of the International Contract Agency on the side.

[edit] References

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