A Vintage Year

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A Vintage Year is the second mission in the game Hitman: Blood Money.

[edit] Background of the Mission

Due to the outburst that had be
Father like Son
en caused by the death of Joseph Clarence, Agent 47 is given a mission outside of the country. He is sent to a distant wine production facility located in Chile, South America. Agent 47 is assigned to eliminate drug dealing father and son, Don Fernando Delgado and Manuel Delgado. The Delgados have arranged a promotional tour for their new wine product. Rex Stanton, an 80's "B" action star is present in the promotion, so television cameras are present and should be avoided by 47.

[edit] Walkthroughs

Method 1 (Silent Assassin)

No weapons needed. Go through the doors closest to you (where all the other people are going). Notice the double doors in the south-west - you must go through it. However, that area is restricted so make sure no one sees you going in that area. Climb on the crates and over the wall to the other side. There is an ordinary guard facing east - don't worry about him, he's sleeping. You will need to be careful about a VIP guard because he sometimes comes out and walks around but if you done quickly enough, by this time the VIP guard is going inside. When it is safe to move, climb the drainage pipe (marked as a point of interest on the map) east of you. Make sure you are not seen. Enter the room, go through the left door and down the stairs. Pick the lock and enter the room (marked as a point of interest). Inside should be a guard sleeping. Beside his feet is the VIP guard suit, take it. You now have access to every room. Now go through the right door and outside the mansion. Now go to the point of interest on the east side of the mansion. Climb the drain pipe, go onto the roof and into the window. Make sure nobody sees you. Now simply fiber wire your target (Don Fernando Delgado) who is playing his instrument. If he's not there yet, wait for him. When done, exit the mansion via the main door and go left through the double doors. You should be in time to catch your other target Manuel Delgado (the guy in pink) give a private tour to another guy in the wine cellar. If he's not outside, go down in the wine cellar ( by entering the double doors on your left) and find him. Keep following the two guys. At one point, they will split up - this is your chance. Wait for Manuel Delgado to go inside a room full of barrels. He should stop doing something at the table, when he's done and moving towards the door get out the syringe poison and inject the poison in him.
Agent 47 stares at the corpse of Don Delgado
Fiber wiring him while moving is difficult. Now drag his body and dispose of it in the box opposite the door. Now go to the elevator in the cellar and use it to go down in the hangar. Go round to the opposite side of the plane and exit.

Method 2 (Silent Assassin)

(Silenced Silverballer optional) Immediately head into the main courtyard after the opening cutscene. To your left there should be a porch with a door on the far left side of it. Make sure no one sees you enter (ESPECIALLY THE CAMERA MAN) before going in. This is the guard house, where all the guards stay. On the left wall there should be a fusebox. Tamper with it to turn the lights out. Run down the corridor to reach a main room, where 3 guards will be loafing, along with guns and ammo. We're not interested in this yet, so go to the next room and lurk in a corner. Wait until the guard here leaves to fix the fusebox. There should be a guard uniform on the floor somewhere in this room. Well...don't just stand there; get changed already! After changing, go back to the previous room, and pick up all the weapons you want. You won't be using any of them, so this is simply for collections sake. Leave the guard house, and head into another section of the courtyard where all the workers are lugging barrels around. In a corner of this courtyard should be a drainpipe. Climb it to a roof. Be careful up here, there's occasionally a guard who patrols around and will open fire if he sees you. If he sees you immediately drop off the roof and take him out (non-lethally). Then dump his body over the fence ahead so it looks like an accident, and you keep your SA rating. Climb into the window, and you'll be in view of your first target. Dispose of him any way you wish(Fiber wire, poison syringe, silenced pistol shot to the head, or if you want it to be an accident, tranq him and dump his body over the balcony). You can leave him where he sits if you didn't dump his body over the balcony, no one ever checks in here anyway. Go back onto the roof and jump off to the right. Now head back into the main courtyard, and into the wine cellar. You have two options here.

1.) You can wait until the guard walks downstairs, and set a bomb on the winch to send a huge thing of wine barrels tumbling down on Target 2's head. This has a downside, as the guard will occasionally be caught in the blast, and his death won't be ruled an accident, and you will lose your SA rating. If I use this method, I generally distract the guard by throwing a coin down the stairs, which he'll go to investigate, then blow the sumbitch. IMPORTANT: Make sure he's on his way out, because if he's on his way down, he'll walk by the barrels, and you'll miss your chance.

2.) Go beside the guard and look straight down. See that dark little alcove? For whatever reason, Target 2 will always stop there to tie his shoes. Alone. In the dark. Just don't get too close to him or else he'll see you and stare at you, before walking out. Cokehead. Dispose of him by any means you wish (although, I generally use the silenced pistol, because it's very difficult to get close to him without him staring). Put the body in the alcove, and run away. The downside to this method, is that for some reason, the tour group seems to have night vision, and will generally spot the body. For this reason, I usually use number 1, but if you're skittish about using the bomb, feel free to use method 2.

Regardless of which method you choose, get out of there immediately after you kill him. Go back into the guard house, and blow the fusebox again. Run past the guards, wait until that one guard in the changing room leaves, and put your suit back on. IMPORTANT: If you have a shotgun at this point, drop it! Buisnessmen shouldn't carry shotguns around. Run back through the guardhouse and out of there before the lights go on, or you'll have a huge amount of witnesses. And that's bad. Alternatively, you could take the door out of the guard house, and climb the drain pipe back to the roof and leap off again. Regardless, that guard that might have spotted you needs to be disposed of. You can either tranq him and hide the body or shove him off a ledge. I personally like to shove him off a ledge, because the body generally isn't spotted, and he was gonna try to shoot you. Teach 'im a lesson. Anyway, go to the fence straight ahead. May seem like there's no way down, but on the right there's a path. Walk down it all the way (if you shoved the Don out, say hi, his bloody body is down here). Keep going straight, and you should see a worker staring off into the distance. Shove him in the water, because he'll blow the whistle on you, and that's not good. After that, there should be one of three things.

1.) A worker and a VIP Guard. Wait for the worker to go back into the elevator, and shove the VIP Guard into the water when he's not looking. 2.) A VIP Guard staring straight ahead. Wait for him to stare into the water and shove him in. 3.) A VIP Guard staring into the water. SHOVE HIM IN! GOGOGO!

After the VIP Guard is taken care of, run around the dock. You should see another VIP Guard. Don't worry about him, he's sleeping. Get into the plane, and treasure your Silent Assassin rating. You're welcome.

Method 3 (Silent Assassin)

Quickly enter the courtyard and immediately follow your first target (Manuel, in the pink shirt) into the building dead ahead. He will have just started walking downstairs. Drop a coin at the top of the stairs (this will raise suspicion, but won't impact Silent Assassin), then quickly turn around and exit the building. Take a left, go into the small area with the boxes, then exit from there to the outer perimeter. Go all the way to the corner and stand against the railing. Manuel will be following you to investigate the coin. As he stands by the railing, walk around him and push him off the ledge.

Just around the corner from where you are will be a lone guard patrolling. Knock him out, steal his outfit, and drag him to the area where you 'accidentally' killed Manuel. No one will patrol here so it won't be seen. Make sure you don't kill this guard or you will not get Silent Assassin.

Head back into the main courtyard, then take a left into the restricted area. Suspicion will rise slightly, but you should be fine. On the far side of the main building is a drain pipe. Climb it to the roof (make sure no one is watching), then climb in the window while Don Fernando plays the cello. Creep up behind him and kill him in the method of your choice (as long as it's not loud). Exit via the window, climb down the drain pipe and leave the main complex. Reclaim your suit and head to the plane. Evade the guards or alternatively just run to the plane before they become too suspicious. This will earn you Silent Assassin.

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