A New Life

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A New Life: 47 walks away from a kill using a Hedge Cutter as his choice of weapon.
[edit] Method 1 (Silent Assassin)

No weapons needed. First thing to do is inject the donuts with Syringe Sedative when the caterer and guards are not looking. Eventually the caterer will return and give the donuts to the survaillence team. When they are sedated enter the van, steal the video tape and the FBI suit. Now enter the garage opposite to Sinistra's mansion when the lady is not looking. Open the door and steal the tranquillizers, then exit the garage and go to the other side of the neighborhood. There will be another lady gardening. When she is not looking, go around the fence and up the treehouse. Take the airgun and tranquillize the dog. Now return to Sinistra's mansion and enter through the main door. Go in the garden and around the corner on the right. Open the door (in the fence) and go down the stairs where the dog is. From there, take the lighter fluid and return to the pool. When no ones looking rig the BBQ. Wait for Sinistra's wife to go cook on it and watch the scene. She will burn to death and jump in the pool, after which you can go down in the pool and steal her micro film. Now for Sinistra. SImply keep following him and eventually he will go on the second floor and enter a room, alone. Go with him and kill him with your Fibre Wire. Now exit the mansion, change to your suit and exit the suburbs.

[edit] Method 2 (Phantom Killer)

From the weapons menu choose Silverballer, SMG Tactical and W2000 Sniper. When the game starts, walk over to that runner, draw out your silverballer (you can only wield one as in the other hand you should have the sniper) and shoot the runner 3 times. Then dispose him in the manhole. After the runner go to the garbage truck on the other side of the neighbourhood to the garbage truck. Near the garbage truck there should be a man standing there. Before you attempt to kill him drop the sniper behind the bush. Kill the man and dispose him in the truck. Kill the lady on the other side of the road and hide her behind her fence. By now the other garbage man should be coming back. Grab the sniper and unpack it behind the fence where you killed that poor woman. Drop it and hide behind the right side of the garbage truck. Draw out the Silverballers and press the right analouge stick 3 times so that you wield one only. When he arrives shoot him once in his legs. He should run to tell a guard. Go get the sniper and wait for the guard. When the guard comes, sniper and hide him behind the truck. When the garbage man returns kill him and dispose of him. Now sniper the lady opposite of Sinistra's mansion. That way you can get tranquillizer darts to sedate the dog. Why not kill him with the sniper? I feel sorry for the innocent dog. Go get the tranquillizer darts and go to fence from where you snipered the guard. Climb up the ladder and sedate the dog. Now go get the guard's outfit and enter the mansion. Go in the backyard and to the basement stairs, which is where you sedated the dog. Make sure there is no guard there. Now get the lighter fluid and return to the pool. There should be a BBQ, rig the BBQ. When Sinistra's wife comes to check the BBQ, she should catch on fire and jump in the pool dead. Take her micro-film. Now Sinistra is left. He should be watching TV in the living room, but sometimes he would go up in his office. Just go in th room with him and kill him. Easy. You're done now. Retrieve your suit and sniper and exit the suburbs. You should get the Phantom killer rating. Your noise meter should be zero.

[edit] Method 3 (Silent Assassin)

Recommended Weapons: None

When the game first starts you'll be next to a runner. This guy is very observant, and has cost me an SA rating more times then I'd care to admit. So walk up to him, headbutt him and KO him. Dispose of his body in the manhole. ACCIDENT'D! Now that he's done for, walk down the street, and find Corky's clown van. This simply rocks. Wait until the clown shows up, perhaps take up a hobby, like ice skating. La-de-dah. When he shows up MAKE SURE NO ONE IS WATCHING before sedating him, taking his (read: absolutely amazing) clown suit and stuffing him in the box in the back of his van. Drop anything you brought along that will show up in a metal detector, before going through the front door. Once inside, immediately go through the door on the right and cut through the dining room. Stop at the second door you come to and check the map/keyhole to make sure there's not an FBI agent patrolling. When he's gone/If the coast is clear, head into the door on your right. This is the indoor pool area. Next to the sauna is an FBI agent suit (FBI Agents Gone Wild anyone?) Take it. Goodbye, clown suit. *tears up* Anyway, when Mrs. Sinistra enters the pool area, wait until she is as close to the sauna as possible, before sedating her and dragging her into the sauna. Careful of time, the door opens outward. Once she's in the sauna, let her go and take her necklace. Head out onto the patio, and go through the doors on your left. Now climb the stairs. The first door on the right is Vinnie's office. If he's in there, wait until he leaves. If not, enter and hide behind the door. Once he enters, close the door behind him. He'll lean over his desk, and that's your cue to silently dispose of him. Fiber Wire or a Poison Syringe will do quite nicely here. Drag his body into the alcove in the corner of the room, before holstering his Bull .480 and getting out. Go back onto the streets, retreive your suit and exit the same way you came in. One less mobster in the world, and 300K more in your pocket. Well played.

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