A House of Cards

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A House of Cards is the tenth mission in the game Hitman: Blood Money.

[edit] Background of the Mission

Agent 47 embarks on a new mission. His client gives him three targets namely Hendrik Schmutz, Mohammad Bin Faisal Al-Khalifa, and Tareeq Abdul Lateef. The mission is set in a Las Vegas casino and hotel which has a tight security.

[edit] Walkthroughs

It is suggested for the player to purchase the non-detectable briefcase and equip 47 with the Sniper Rifle before starting the mission. As the mission starts hurry inside the casino, go to the check in counter and take your keycard. Walk to the elevator and climb the hatch. Make sure to use the elevator on the left. Wait for the Scientist to arrive and enter the elevator, when he's in strangle him with your fiber wire. Take the suitcase and keycard. Get down from the hatch and take the elevator to the 7th floor, since by then you'll be on the 8th floor. After doing so, go to your room and leave the Scientist's briefcase. Enter the right elevator this time, take it to the lobby and climb the hatch once again. Wait for Hendrik Shumtz to enter the elevator, strangle him as well and take his keycard. As the elevator stops in the 7th floor go to his room (Room #707). Get the diamond case and throw it to the balcony of the room. Get out of the room and get back to the left elevator where you left your rifle case. Take it back and go to the terrace opposite the staff lounge. There would be staff member standing by the balcony, smoking. Push him to avoid witness. Climb the wall and walk by the ledge. Check the map from time to time to see if there are any patrolling guards. When you reach the window where a man is drinking and watching TV, wait for him to go the bathroom. Once he leaves, hurry inside and poison his drink. Go out the balcony again and wait until he passes out. After doing that, drag his body into the bathroom just to be sure no one sees his corpse. Close the lights and leave your rifle case in the balcony. Get out of the room and you'll see a fire alarm near the staff room. Pull it and everyone would run to the elevator shafts. While their distracted run back to the man's room, go to the balcony and take your suitcase. Jump from the balcony to the other balcony. Enter the room and go to the bedroom. You'll see a cellphone there, redial the Sheik's number. That way the Sheik would go out the casino without any bodyguards, go out of the room and return to the first balcony. Take your sniper out of the case and prepare it. Aim your rifle in the casino exit below. Wait for the Sheik to come out. Once he walks out, shoot him right in the head. Remember if you missed he'll have the chance to escape and your cover would be blown. Be careful. If done successfully, exit the room and go to the elevators. Go to the 7th floor, then to your room. Take the Scientist's briefcase and make your way out.

Bullets fired: 1

Rank Acquired: Silent Assassin
Agent 47 disguised as a police officer

[edit] Easter Eggs

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FCK Easter Egg
There is a television in your room (701). Look closely and it says "FCK" on it. The same name was in a level of Hitman: Silent Assassin. FCK is a Danish football team, it stands for "Football Club København".

Strip Poker
Shuffle over from the 7th floor balcony to the balcony of room #705. If you're careful, you can sneak up to the window and watch a showgirl playing strip poker with two guys. They guys are losing and are down to their underwear, the showgirl, however, is winning and is still dressed.

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