A Dance with The Devil

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A Dance with The Devil: 47's only interest is killing his target
[edit] Method 1 (Silent Assassin)

Any pistol would be helpful for the start.

At the start of the level run straight through the glass doors and walk up to the guard, watch the cutscene then follow the guard into the cupboard, use the baller to take him hostage and knock him out in the cupboard and take his clothes, make sure you drop your weapons as well. Run back through the glass doors and turn left to find the guard room, wait until both guards aren't looking and take the security tape. Run down into the garage area and turn left, keep running past the elevators and turn left again, behind the van to the right are some clothes, take them while making sure no one is looking. Run back to the elevators and take the one on the left leading up to the Heaven party. When upstairs run through the doors ahead of you, through the doors on the far right and run around the metal barrier to the doors on the other side of the room. Find and enter the bathroom, one of the targets should walk into the bathroom and enter the stall, when he does kill him using a poisoned syringe. Take his clothes and the suitcase if you want his weapon. Head back to the main room and wait for the singer to leave the stage, when she does walk up to her to trigger a cutscene. Follow her until you enter the laptop room and syringe/fiber wire her before the cutscene activates. Use the laptop to finish that objective. Thats the Heaven Party finished, head back to the elevators and go back to the garage.

Use the elevator on the right to go down to the Hell Party, run through the doors and walk up to the barman to trigger the cutscene, before following him keep following the path around the enter the backstage area, activate the machine near the door to 'rig the pyrotechnics' then run back to the bar area and find the 'torture chamber', in the dual I suggest you use the gun from the first target and get a quick head shot. It isn't hard. Head back to the main area and depending on your timing the last target will either be performing the pyro show or is already dead, either way once she fries make your way back to the garage. Run back to the cupboard where you knocked out the first security guard and retrieve your suit and guns then use the doors in the office to get down into the garage, ignore the guards and just hightail it for the escape car, ignore the guards they won't affect your rating.

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